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Quality promotes development and win-win cooperation

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On July 20, 2021, Xinyuhong company invited a number of important cooperative suppliers to gather in Xinyuhong company to discuss the optimization and rectification of material supply problems this year. Mr.Lu Bing, the GM of the company, Mr.Zhou Wei,vice GM and Mr.Li Haitao attended the meeting.   With the purport of "85% reduction of defective products within 100 days", this supplier conference discussed new quality standards through profundity exchanges idea with major suppliers and work together to achieve better mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation.     At the beginning of the meeting, Li Haitao, assistant GM of the company, briefly introduced the development of Xinyuhong in recent years, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the suppliers for their long-term support, and shared the ideas and models that Xinyuhong  insisted and initiated in procurement. At the same time, he also expressed the determination and confidence of the company in cooperation with suppliers and put forward the common development direction in the future.   Wu Fei, QC manager, showed the pictures of defective parts encountered during machine acceptance and standard parts required by the company, and explained the parts acceptance standards in detail. In addition, Zhou Wei vie GM also actively advocated equal dialogue, full communication and sharing at this supplier conference. Based on the principles of integrity, openness and sharing, the company promotes enterprises to maintain long-term strategic cooperative relations, realize win-win value and create a better future. At the end of the meeting, Lu Bing, GM of the company, made a concluding speech. He expressed the hope that through such a conference, we can not only establish a high-quality business supply chain, but also establish a deep friendship supply chain, take cooperation as an opportunity to seek development, and take resources as a platform to strive for win-win results.  
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