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CSG-MP400 Full Servo Menstrual Pants Machine
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CSG-MP400 Full Servo Menstrual Pants Machine

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Product description

Product Stucture

1. 2-pcs type 


Main Technical parameters

1. Supply,3 phase,380V,50Hz

2. Power:500KW(Excluding hot melt applicator and Compressor)

3. Production speed:200/300/400pcs/min

4. Qualification:≥97%

5. Outside dimension(m):42 x 10 x 5.5  (L×W×H)( for reference) 


Main Functions and Features

(I) Mechanical part


1. Pulp SAP mixing product and laminating core product are compatible

2. High-density ultra-thin fluff core forming drum system,good absorption,low reverse osmosis

3. Pulp、SAP in ruled quantity apply, high and low speed Evenly mixing distributed  

4. With tension control and auto un-winding system

5. Zero no lower speed auto-splicing system

6. Waist Sealing:Ultrasonic sealing process, support for tension customization,soft feel,and good appearance

7. Waist elastic process:glueless process and ultrasonic welding

8. Can produce single individual package products

9. Support elastic film waist making process

10. With web guiding system

11. Packing machine or stacker (Option)

12. Dust collection filter system (option)


(II) Electric part


1. Full servo motor drive and PLC control( CE standard)

2. One button for size change, with size change home point return(HPR) function

3. Touching screen,graphical, parametric operation, alarm information display on TV screen  

4. Total production data collection

5. Local remote parameter setting

6. Machine running station real-time monitoring, and maintenance reminder

7. Supply MES data interface, realize machine remote monitoring and maintenance

8. Material auto-splicing end joint limit at 3m, and decrease material wastage

9. Material auto-splicing  inspect,broken and lost alarm system

10. High speed rejection

11. Vision inspection system (option)

12. Material picture ruled position application

13. Elastic BTSR tension control system, single tension adjust(option)

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